Flint mayoral recall is ‘fight of good versus evil,’ city administrator says

FLINT, MI – Calling the claims made against him under oath “false,” Flint City Administrator Sylvester Jones Jr. has issued a letter denying allegations he bribed two petition circulators to cease their efforts to recall Mayor Karen Weaver.

The 740-word letter, sent from Jones to MLive-The Flint Journal on Thursday, Aug. 31, repeatedly refers to Jones and Weaver as “principled leaders” and states that “the facts speak for themselves” when it comes to the claims of bribery.

The mayor has since pulled out of the court battle over the recall petitions, submitting a stipulation to the case’s dismissal on Thursday, Aug. 31. Genesee County Judge Geoffrey L. Neithercut dismissed the lawsuit with prejudice, meaning that Weaver cannot allege the same claim in court again.

Jones’ letter, calling the mayoral recall “a spiritual fight of Good versus Evil,” refers to the testimony of recall petition circulators Lakeshia Williams and Nancy Burgher, who testified in court on Tuesday, Aug. 29, that Jones offered them bribes in exchange for them to stop gathering signatures to recall Weaver.

“Moreover, ask yourself, ‘Where is the proof that such a bribe took place?'” Jones’ letter states. “Ms. Williams says that she stopped getting signatures, yet she is still a resident of the city of Flint. Ms. Burgher said I promised her a damage claim yet there is no record of a damage claim being approved for Ms. Burgher. The facts speak for themselves. We are principled leaders who desire to do the right thing for the residents of Flint.”

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