Flint police claim ‘court order’ prevents discussion of mayoral recall

FLINT, MI – The Flint Police Department is under court order not to discuss the efforts to recall Mayor Karen Weaver, a spokesperson says.

Flint police spokesperson Tyrone Booth confirmed Tuesday, Sept. 5, that the department is under a court order prohibiting them from communicating in any way regarding the recall.

He declined to comment further, citing the court order.

However, court officials were unable to identify where the order originated from.

Neither U.S. District Court of Eastern Michigan spokesperson David Ashenfelter nor the office of Genesee County Judge Geoffrey L. Neithercut – who presided over the Flint mayoral recall case – said they were aware of a gag order being issued regarding the recall.

According to Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton, the criminal investigation into whether petitioners tricked residents into signing to recall the city’s embattled mayor still lies in the hands of the Flint Police Department.

“It’s my understanding Flint police are continuing to investigate the circumstances with respect to the gathering of recall petition signatures,” Leyton said. “Once they’ve completed their gathering of evidence, we will, as in all cases, review the materials gathered and determine if there’s probable cause of a crime.”

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